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Saturday, April 16, 2011

life could be so unexpected

hey guys..
final exam is just around the corner..then we'll straightly suffer through the final project.
sangat-sangat tension weyh pasal final project ni..
i am really scared right now. T.T
feels like giving up..BUT it's almost over. takkan nak mengalah lepas dah berhempas pulas all over this semester? kesiankan diri sendiri tau tak.
pening dengan kisah-kisah keliling aku.
i don't mind if they hate me..
i don't mind if the person i dislike, dislikes me back..who cares.
not everyone likes YOU.
even if you're a superstar. =.=

i've been so weird lately..sorry to the people around me.
don't ask if i've been quiet all day long. i'll be okay in my own way.
i've got so many things scattered in my mind..and i want some time to think about 'them' quietly.
why are you so busy about anyone else's life if he/she doesn't even care about your life?
why would people be happy on someone else's sadness?
why people would save their own life by taking someone else's life?
why would people be so mean sometimes?

well..i guess these are what we call REALITY.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the best remedy

credit to:  Mocha Cafe..,

i  really love these pictures. 
they're my passion.. :)

p/s---> post yang tak ada motif..bhaha
craving for sweet things now. 
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