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Monday, July 13, 2015

I am still alive.


5 months going M.I.A 
but now I'm back. Been busy with my internship. A lot had been going in and out. Seriously like A LOT. I think I might just let them slip this time sebab I am too lazy to update or shorten them. Dah basi weyh. hahaha.

5 months. seems like a long period of time, but it is short actually. Still can't believe next coming September is my final semester. Final semester for my degree. Yup, degree holder for Landscape Architecture. 

I do not want to end my student life. What should I do? 

The time will come even when you said you're not ready. 
Time waits for no man. Either you be prepared or you'll be sorry.
3 days left before Raya is coming. Ramadhan is leaving but still, *sigh.  3 days. Let's do everything a normal young woman can do in Ramadhan. I am not going to wish everyone 'Selamat Hari Raya' since there are still 3 days left. 

Why do I sound so sad? 
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