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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Physically Black vs Visually Black

Hello and assalamualaikum people!

I am home after a hectic semester. Well, every semester as chaotic as it is. I've just safely arrived here in my home last Friday after finishing up my examination paper. Yeah, but I still have another examination paper to be taken on next Monday. not really this coming Monday but the other Monday in the following week. Back to the topic, 'Physically black vs Visually black' was my topic for my first ELC590 presentation. Since I was too busy to be updating about it and some of my classmates did posted their slides on blogs, I think it is good to share it here too.

If you are wondering what is my topic about, it is about coffee. And nap. 'Physically black' is the metaphor for coffee while 'Visually black' is the metaphor for napping. I was going to use a simply direct title like "Coffee vs Nap" but my Prof. suggested that we must choose at least a catchy title to make the topic sounds interesting. Okay..now let see some of the content I've provided for my presentation. We needed to provide visual aids to help audience understands and keeping interest in our topic.

A good speaker must have a good attention grabber to capture your audience attention. As for me, I cited a poem. An old poem about coffee but it was far less interesting I guess because I didn't get high score for my first attention grabber attempt. As you can see below, is my introduction slide, a little info about the history of coffee.

The three main headings for my speech was coffee and nap would give amazing effects on improving moods, boosting your performance level and last but not the least lowering the level of sleepiness.

There a lot of vitamins that can be found in coffee. Some of it are listed in the next slide I've provided.

Researchers have found that women who drink 4 or more cup of coffee per day have lower the 20% risk of being depressed. As reported by the Harvard University study in 2011.

Next, I am going to tell you how coffee helps in boosting our performance level. 

Coffee enters our system through the blood stream which means it reaches the brain in the range of 8-15 minutes after consumption. Originally, the adenosine supposed to bind with the adenosine receptor which would later making us feeling drowsy.

But, when caffeine came in, the receptor binds with caffeine instead of adenosine because the caffeine molecules are almost the same with adenosine.

Putuitary gland will now sees that and thinks there is an emergency going on. So, it tells the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and then BAMMM. 5 minutes later you will get more energy.

My last point of speech is the effects of coffee and nap. As far as I concerned, both coffee and nap have can helps with sleepiness. .Especially during 'post dip lunch' which is the sleepiness that occurs in the mid afternoon after lunch. This happens due to dropping of cortisol, a natural chemical that helps to keep us in state. 

As a conclusion, both coffee and nap have restorative properties. Coffee can wears off especially when you've used to it but the combination of coffee and followed by a nap gives double energy in lowering the level of sleepiness.

That's all for my first ELC590 presentation. I'll be updating about my second presentation soon. Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave comments if you find this is interesting!

here's the references I've used. ^.^

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ciknis said...

nice slide :)
guna apps ape utk edit? whoaaa.. I xtau la mampu ke x klau nak buat slide cam U.

cIk cUmIe said...

hai cik nis!

thank you for the comment. :)
I pakai adobe photoshop je utk editing. Custom made each slide. Kalau minat mampu je. :)

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