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Friday, September 25, 2015

My Love For Books

Assalamualaikum and good evening guys!

I am so sorry about the last time I updated this blog. Life is not easy huh?
I failed to wish my readers for Eid Ul Fitr and yet I am also failing in the attempt to wish you guys for Eid Ul Adha. I just can't keep my promise nowadays. Been busy with so much obstacles in life.

I've been living my life for a while. Reminiscing the good old days, when I was young. Someone told be it is pathetic to hold on old memories and the reason people hold on to their old memories are because, their present life are full of craps or whatsoever.

Hahaha. Well, I do find it is true somehow. *pity me*

It is not like my present life is full or craps, but I miss the old me I guess. The 'nerdy' girl who loves to read. Yeahhh, what else can I do in the past, when I was controlled by my aunt and her daughters. They were not 'controlling' me actually. I did think they were messing with my life but when I get older like now, I actually understands that was the good thing to do and I thank them for doing that to me.

I was banned to watch TV's on school days so the only entertainment I got was books. A shelf full of books. So I guess that is how I developed my love for books! *smiling*

I was a librarian in elementary school and I love to be surrounded by books. Fictions mostly. Since it is hard to ask for books supply from my parents, (books can get quite pricey to us back then) so I just stick with the library option. Right until secondary school until I met someone who also loves to read and willing to let me borrow some of hers. I randomly think about her when I read. *sounds weird but I am thankful to her I guess*

Norlina Deli, I you ever read this. Thank you for those years of book supplies. I wonder where are you now. I am back being a bibliophile now and most in my circle doesn't have the same interest as me. How stressfull! I can't comment or randomly talk about them.


Pengobatan Alami said...

saya juga suka buku mba, tapi tergantung juga sih bukunya tentang apa...

Bunda_nora said...

Bunda ni tak rajin membaca...tapi kadang tu bila jumpa buku yang bunda berminat bunda beli jer buat koleksi...

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