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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sorry that I abandoned you, love


It's been a while since my last post. Three months, I guess? Phew..
Second semester in Uitm Shah Alam. First semester living out of campus. Life is pretty amazing so far. even it does have ups and downs. well, that's what we call LIFE kan?

Oh, this semester we are studying about landscape planning. A little bit of Land and Planning Laws, and some other subjects as follows:

Subjects I am taking this semester.
Last month, yeah..exactly last month. We've been on a trip to Kuantan. It was wayyyy much different from the trips we've had in Perak. I guess it is because of the wayyyy different lecturers. We only did the study in day 1. Visual quality I mean. Not so much information to collect either since we're there on Thursday. Thursday afternoon to be precised. What should be there along the beach on Thursday afternoon? Nothing. Nada. Just a few villagers going on their daily routines. But it was so much fun on 2nd and 3rd day. Like we're coming here just to have a nice vacation. The hotel is quite awesome except there is no activities to do around the hotel area, and the Kuantan Waterfront too. Kuantan people are quite annoying to me. Not all but a few of them. Especially the one who's operating the stalls and kiosks. I must say they were quite rude to the customers. I am sorry to KUANTAN people. but this is what I and my friends thinks. I am buying a sizzling noodles in a mall, since it was quite late (what mall are about to close on 9pm?) I asked the lady when would my order would be done cooking but she'd just simply said " If you want to eat uncooked egg, you can have it now." It startled me and make me wanna curse her A LOT! Same thing also happened to my friend but at a different stall. I just can't stand local people being rude at the tourist. even it was local tourist from another state. urghhh..suddenly I feel angry again over an incident that happened last month.

okay. bye. ^.^

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