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Monday, October 22, 2012

one rainy Sunday evening

asssalamualaikum geng.

it was a good day yesterday even it was raining. what else should I do when two my old good friends were there with me? it was a girls day out. in the rain. :)

enjoying mcD's spicy chicken hoping the rain will stop
tapi malang sangat sebab hujan memang tak berhenti pun. 

on the way to Teluk Kemang hoping to find any decent place to hang out
 but then, Teluk Kemang was totally packed with people and traffics due to the flooding area. poor maintenance of the water inlet. so we went to the park which is much closer to Anis's.

fatin. thanks to me. haha

me and anis. medical student in Tanta.
fatin. currently menganggur. haha


candid. thanks fatin :)

awkwarddddddd. :p

dua model tak bergaji tengah padang. haha

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