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Sunday, July 25, 2010

quote unquote

what goes around comes around..
i just love this quote so much. tak tahulah kenapa. huhuhu
sebab it reminds me to control whatever i'm doing. :)
it makes me think a lot. what would happen if i do it this or that way.

whoaaa..aku dah dapat kolej. alhamdulillah. k2316. satu kolej dengan nemo!!! and satu bilik dengan mimi lagi. (roomate sem lepas)
kolej indera mulia. now i know kenapa aku tak dapat kolej at the first place.
everything happens for a reason.  there's always a silver lining in each cloud.
i loveeee those quotes.
to think back, if aku dapat kolej in the first place, aku tak akan dapat satu kolej dengan nemo. apatah lagi satu bilik untuk sem depan.
sebab asalnya aku kolej cempaka sari. kalau dah dekat cempaka sari, sampai grad la aku kena kolej sana. so, aku dah nampak hikmahnya. :))

to think again, aku bersyukur sebab seseorang, aku berhijrah ke sri iskandar.
because of him, i treasured a new meaning of life. a new me. i've learnt that life is not as simple or complicated you thought it was. it's the combination of simple but complicated, interesting yet adventurous, sadness and then happiness, love and friendship, then being thankful enough.
thanks a lot to him. hahahahhhaha
i'm happier than you might think! 

sing like no one is listening,
dance like no one is watching,
live like it's heaven on earth.

have your faith in HIM..
then everything's going to be on your way..

p/s--> thank you Allah.i've realised that i've been so optimistic these days. it is good. wasn't it? :)


Lina_Lin said...

ur english is good..
jeles aku..

~cUmIeChIqI~ said...

ahaha..tengs lin.
smlm ak t'jumpe ema..
beg dy chantek..huhu

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