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Sunday, July 11, 2010

walking to the sky

i'm walking to the sky! huhu
ah..tak ada kena mengena langsung. actually aku nak share dengan benda-benda yang aku minat ni.
masa tolong-tolong nemo cari public art figure untuk assignment. dah berapa hari dia cari tak jumpa-jumpa. aku pun tolong la..tak sampai sejam dah jumpa.hahaha
i'm your lucky charm okay cik nemo?? :))

my favorite weirdest scluptures in the world

Eating Biscuit Together
located in seoul, korea. in front of the Buckcheon museum. slcuptor is Ku Bum Ju
Rhino Hanging Around
located in Potsdam, Germany. comelkan??

Shark Dive
located at 2 New High Street, Headington, Oxford

The Magic Tap
located at Aqualand, Cadiz
looks like water coming out endlessly from the sky but actually it there's a pipe hidden in there.
but i still wondering how they did that..

La Trobe
located at central Melbourne.
contemporary representation of Charles La Trobe

The Thumb
located in Paris, near the Arc de la Defense.
sort of unique. well..of course it has to be unique right?

Headless Army
located at outside McCormick Hall in Princeton University
imagine these headless army heading to you..
scary isn't it?

Got Milk??
located in Luxemberg, Germany
weird isn't it..and feels a bit porno. hahaha

It's Been One Of Those Days
located in front of the Ernest & Young Building in Los Angeles, California
surely my days would be better if i could do this..ahaha

Headless Musician
located at the Marnix Park in Amsterdam
a headless musician carrying a violin case.

Walking To The To Sky
located at Nasher Sclupture Center, Dallas.
100 feet tall with 7 human figures walking heading to the sky.
i love this one so much!
<3 <3 <3

p/s--> i'm walking to the sky.. :))
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