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Sunday, November 13, 2011

ordinary birthday

yeahh..hello peeps. it was my birthday yesterday :)
just an ordinary birthday since my dad is working. people was so busy doing their wedding ceremony including my cousin. unfortunately i wasn't attending her wedding because i am sick. huhuhu
birthday girl got sick. kesiannnn.. 

there's no cake for this year since my mum tak sempat nak bake and tak kan la i nak bake sendiri. hahaha
maybe malam ni baru nak bake a cake. since i wanted to eat satay so badly, they bought me some satay kajang haji samuri at their franchise nearby. luckily i eat with passion since they are really good. 

what did i treasure for my birthday?

birthday wishes from my family :)

a one year engagement with inche jimmy. :)
*not really engaged actually but i took it as an engagement since i'm promising to marry him*
more info..read it here 

a number of messages and calls from close friends and 105 birthday wishes on fb.
i am so grateful that all the 105 wishes came up from my friends mostly were my mrsm, matriculation, schools, and campus friends. 

a birthday call from anis, my best friend who is currently studying in mesir. she called directly from there and sang a happy birthday song for me. i am touched.

a sony mp3 from inche jimmy. it's not a brand new mp3. but it is his mp3. the mp3 that he loves so much. but now he'd bought an iPod for himself so i am not feeling guilty to accept it. hahahaha

that's all for my birthday :)
ok bye. 


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