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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to tell if a girl is NOT interested in you

If she’s not interested in you…

  • She NEVER start any conversation with you first, be it on YM or sms.
  • She cancels dates with you without proposing a replacement date.
  • She does not even agree to go out with you and does not suggest anything to you.
  • She let out all her emotional baggage to you. shows she's angry
  • She takes a long time to reply your sms or may not even reply at all.
  • She playfully call you her brother or a good friend of hers.
  • She talks about other guys to you.
  • She act awkwardly towards you.
  • No matter how hard you try to impress her, she just ignore you.
  • She never want to look at your eyes, or stay any minute with you and would find uncomfortable when having you around.
  • She will not engage in open communication with you
  • She makes up stories and excuses for not wanting to meet you
  • She keeps things about herself from you. being so secretive
  • She is self absorbed and preoccupied with her own life which does not include you.
  • She rarely make a call or sms to you.
  • When you ask her out for a date, she’ll ask, “who’s going?”
  • You buy expensive gifts for the girl, she thanks you very politely and tells you not to spend so much money on her or that there is no need to even buy her a birthday gift.
  • If you invite her to concert or expensive dinners, she tells you that she is not free almost immediately.

    That’s almost all, but this doesn’t apply to all girls. You must know that some girls are generally too shy to express their love for you. but these were the one i always do. haha


    Eirma Rohayu said...

    ehh ta semesty ny jgk taw .
    heheii !
    pmpn tanak stat meset n ym dulo sb dye malu ,
    mcm ak larh .

    ~cUmIeChIqI~ said...

    sbb tu ak ckp x semua,,heee

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